Creative Engineering with LEGO® Bricks: Pyramids, Robots, and More (CC1_9)

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May 04 2021
May 27 2021
Creative Engineering
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Learn to use LEGO® pieces in unconventional ways while building great masterpieces.  Construct buildings shaped like animals, robots and pyramids. Work together to build the Great Wall of China. Create an upside-down house.  Meet the challenges presented each week while placing your own creative stamp on them.

The base Lego Kits we traditionally use consist of 160 2X4 Bricks (one color), 350 2X4 Bricks (another color), and 1 16X32 baseplate. Depending on the lesson, we may add in a few more bricks. We do have these bricks for sale, and use the same base kit in all of our Lego classes. So if you purchase the kit, you could use it in multiple classes and then eventually incorporate it into your Lego collection. However, the purchase of the kit is not mandatory. You may participate with whatever Lego you currently have available at your location.



Class dates

05/04/2021, 05/06/2021, 05/11/2021, 05/13/2021, 05/18/2021, 05/20/2021, 05/25/2021, 05/27/2021

Additional services and fees

LEGO Bricks $75.00


Participants must currently be in grades kindergarten to 6.

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 1

Registration period

Registration starts on 02/04/2021 and ends on 05/01/2021.

Online location


Registration closed.